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Advance & Protect -Buy, Hold & Hope is Not a Strategy

Kilby Wealth Strategies’ clients are open to a new approach to wealth management – or more precisely they demand it. As an independent advisor, innovation is the greatest benefit we offer. We are dedicated to providing wealth management services to individuals and organizations who realize “buy, hold and hope” is no longer a strategy. Today’s open-minded investors look to KWS for advice and tools that help protect and grow their assets regardless of market conditions.

I offer innovative and effective financial strategies you won’t find anywhere else. Each is designed to help you grow your wealth in a volatile, uncertain economy, minimize taxes and plan for your life-long comfort and independence.

Our investment strategies emphasize our belief in the necessity of risk management, that the key to long-term investment success is placing greater emphasis on minimizing losses in declining markets than on trying to maximize returns in rising markets. While striving to provide you the best possible returns and help you meet your financial goals our primary concern will always be to protect and preserve your principal.

Our Advance and Protect Investment Strategy was developed to help you capture growth in rising markets and protect your principal during market declines. We provide each client a unique, personalized experience conductive to helping them meet their financial goals. However, what our clients value most is my ability to provide them the same breadth of services and high level of financial expertise as my largest competitors without conflicts of interest, and with a level of comfort, communication and proactive personalized service that can only be found at a small, independent firm like Kilby Wealth Strategies.



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